Coffee for the Birds

Did you know that the coffee you drink may be having a negative impact on migratory songbirds? Birds & Beans coffee is fair-trade, and organically grown under the shade of trees which provide critical habitat for these songbirds on their wintering grounds in Central America.

More about Birds & Beans:

Migratory Songbirds are in alarming and increasing decline. The research points to loss of habitat and traditional coffee farms in the Americas as being a major contributor to this songbird population decline.


For over 100 years full and partial shade farming was the traditional method of coffee production. However the industry's boom resulted in most forests being cleared. Full-sun farms elicit a higher yield and require less management creating bigger profits for CEO's. For migratory birds and local wildlife the result of this is habitat loss. Now less than 40% of coffee farms remain in true shade and organic. The human cost is that many coffee workers must move to find work and fair wages as this increased demand for coffee has led to lowered standards.  

At Birds & Beans Coffee they pay farmers the top price for coffee so they can keep growing coffee the old-fashioned way and so they can keep supporting their workers and families. These farms, many of which have grown coffee for over 100 years, are amazing winter refuges for over 50 species of the neo-tropical migratory birds that breed here in the United States.

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Remember: SCWF will get 5% of the year end sales of any coffee sold and shipped to South Carolina.