South Carolina Wildlife Federation

2016 WAIT Certified Sites:
3M, Greenville
AFCO, Anderson
BMW Manufacturing Corp., Spartanburg
BMW ITRC, Greenville
Duke Energy - Bad Creek Pumped Storage Station
Duke Energy - Catawba Nuclear Station
Duke Energy - Mill Creek Combustion Turbine Station
Duke Energy - Oconee Nuclear Site
Duke Energy - Lee Steam Station
FujiFilm Manufacturing, Greenwood
Glen Raven Custom Fabrics Division, LLC, Anderson
Hartness International, Greenville
Honda of South Carolina, Timmonsville
Michelin, Sandy Springs
Michelin, Starr
Michelin - Laurens Proving Grounds, Laurens
Michelin MARC, Greenville

Michelin Retread Technologies, Duncan

Michelin Tire Corp, Earthmover Plant (US7), Lexington
Renewable Water Resources, Durbin Creek Facility
Renewable Water Resources, Mauldin Road Facility
Schneider Electric / Square D, Hopkins

Shaw Industries, Columbia
Spartanburg Water, Fairforest Water Treatment Plant
Spartanburg Water, Lake Blalock
Spartanburg Water, Lake Bowen
Spartanburg Water, Main Office
US Engine Valve, Westminster
Westinghouse Electric Company, Columbia

Wildlife And Industry Together™ (W.A.I.T.™)

WAIT is designed to encourage corporate landowners to integrate wildlife habitat needs into corporate land management decisions.

As South Carolina becomes increasingly developed, there is less land available for wildlife. Corporate landowners can offset habitat loss by devoting their under-utilized lands to wildlife. This is achieved by matching site employees who are interested in wildlife with community partners to develop habitat plans. The WAIT program assists corporations, employees, facility neighbors and other groups who desire to develop environmental projects in partnership with each other.

• Aids corporate landowners in obtaining technical assistance to plan, implement and manage habitat plans.
• Assists landowners in identifying potential community partners, educational opportunities, activities and measures of success for the site.
• Provides a forum for participants to exchange success stories.
• Enhances habitat for native wildlife.

WAIT provides benefits to all involved in the initiative. Corporate participants experience:
• Cost savings through reduced land management costs.
• Enhanced environmental awareness of employees. 
• New partnerships with community groups including schools, civic organizations, and conservation groups.
• Positive environmental impact through habitat creation, preservation and stewardship.
• Enhanced reputation among the community as a responsible environmental steward.
• Positive coverage in partner publications through WAIT certification, signage display and related media events.

WAIT Certification:
SCWF staff can visit with you and help you determine projects suited to your site which will qualify for certification.  Here are the main components required for certification, and some examples of each: 

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement:
Butterfly Gardens
Animal  Nesting Boxes 
Meadow Creation
Nature Trails
Created Wetlands / Ponds
Wildlife Food Plots and Shrubs
Employee Education:
Guest speakers on nature topics
Bulletin board with pictures & info
Articles in site newsletter
Signage posted near habitat projects

Community Outreach:
Participation in Adopt-A-Highway or other conservation programs
Partnerships with schools, scouts, or other civic organizations

Support of SCWF Programs:
Initial Certification Fee of $2500.
Annual Re-certification Fee of $1000.

Pay for (re)certification of your W.A.I.T. site here.

If you have any questions about WAIT and how you can get involved, please e-mail Laura Blake-Orr or call our office at (803) 256-0670.