Green your routine

Written by Sarah Lloyd
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 10:12

Let SCWF be your resource in GREENING your routine...

We've done the work for you, read what other websites are suggesting you do to update your home and lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly status.

Energy Star
A great resource with a plethora of information. Browse the site and learn a handful of new and useful tips.

Energy Savers
From your car to your house, find out how you can start saving energy today and tomorrow.

SC Green Building Guide provides a plethora of information and examples of green building through additional links. Browse around.

Solar Power Rocks
Read how you can utilize solar power here in South Carolina.

SC Energy Office
Lean about saving energy at home, from air sealing techniques to tankless water heating ideas.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Scroll down to popular topics and peruse information related to your car, tax incentives, assistance for low income families, industry, and at home energy saving ideas.

HomeDepot Eco Options
Buying a few things for the home? Doing a little remodeling? Choose ecofriendly options.

Low Impact Living
Calculate your carbon footprint and do something to shrink it.

The Home Energy Saver
Utilize the online energy audit tool and browse around the site for good tips. For example, if you rent an apartment versus owning a home, what can you do to save energy.

Energy Audit
Do it yourself.

Energy Terms and Definitions
Unfamiliar with the lingo? Familiarize yourself with terms and definitions.

Green Home Guide
A website connecting you to advice, information, and green professionals.

Columbia's Green Building Council
Make sure you have the right information before you start building or remodeling.

Federal Tax Credits
Energy star breaks down federal tax credits available to you.

The Sustainability Institute of South Carolina
Training and Outreach as well as News and Resources are the most helpful pages on this site.

Columbia Climate Protection Action Campaign
Check out CPAC's news and information.

Kilowatt Ours Community
Read articles posted on the community board. You can switch among forums and learn even more.

More resources can be found on SCWF's link page under recycle, energy efficiency, and gardening.

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