SC Farm Bureau Warns of Edisto River Radicals (ERRs)

Written by Sara Green
Friday, 24 January 2014 13:05

01/24/14 - This week, the South Carolina Farm Bureau began a website and Facebook presence that amounts to a smear campaign against citizens who dare express concerns about current plans to withdraw massive water amounts like those proposed for the South Edisto River.

Here's a note the Farm Bureau sent to their members:
You are receiving this email as one of South Carolina's top grassroots leaders. In short, South Carolina's farmers need your help. Radical environmentalists are waging a war on farmers and the farming community.

Extremists are attacking the Walther Family farm in Aiken County to push their radical agenda. They are spreading misinformation about the farm and its water usage to scare South Carolinians and elected officials into cutting off its water supply.

If they succeed in implementing their radical agenda, our state's ability to grow crops and our economy as a whole will be severely damaged. Their first target is the farming industry. Next they will be going after manufacturers and other job creators. The extremists must be stopped.

There is no time to waste. Please join us now and tell your legislators to pick SC farmers over radical environmentalists.

David Winkles
President, SC Farm Bureau Federation

This is a smear campaign. Concerns about large water withdrawals have come from interested South Carolinians across the board: residents, farmers, hunters, anglers, boaters and conservationists. The rivers in South Carolina are owned by the public at large – they are OURS, and we can not allow them to be abused.

Yesterday, Senator Chip Campsen, along with several other senators introduced S.970, the “Surface Water Stewardship Act” to ensure that an appropriate permitting and public input process will be in place for the future.

We understand that Walther Farms has considered scaling back its proposed withdrawals. With that being said, the smear campaign from the Farm Bureau cements the reality that corporate mega-farms are interested in future large-scale withdrawals.

As Senator Chip Campsen said in discussing the bill, “I see an email out here (from the Farm Bureau) that says (changing the current surface water withdrawal law) is a ‘radical environmental agenda’. Well Members, fellow Senators, I’ll tell you what’s radical: a policy that lets just one category of the public take all the safe yield out of the river with no permitting decision requirement, no public input – THAT is a radical policy. That is a radical burden against the Public Trust Doctrine (in the Constitution), a doctrine that you (Senators) have an obligation to uphold for all South Carolinians.”

For more information, please visit the Edisto Concerns Facebook page where they are following news articles and sharing concerns about South Carolina's natural resources.

Now is the time to act!  Call and urge Senators on the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee to support S.970.

Thank you for your dedication to protecting South Carolina's wildlife and wild places.

Ben Gregg
SCWF Executive Director
(803) 256-0670

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