SCWF Highlighted in NWF Magazine

National Wildlife Magazine - Working for Wildlife

December 2018-January 2019

by Mark Wexler


Sport and nature advocates

From hunters and anglers to birders and gardeners, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation (SCWF) has represented generations of outdoor enthusiasts on conservation issues since its start 87 years ago. “We are continuing our legacy of insisting that science, not politics, remains at the forefront in decisions affecting our wildlife,” says SCWF Executive Director Ben Gregg.

This NWF affiliate works with organizations fighting against proposed energy exploration along the state’s fragile coast. In central South Carolina, with support from partners, SCWF is putting up dozens of nest boxes to help restore the region’s wood duck population. It is also working with 30 of the state’s largest industries to convert their lands to sustainable habitats.

Committed to education, SCWF trains volunteers for citizen-science projects, provides courses in fishing and other outdoor skills for women, encourages homeowners to grow native plants to help wildlife, and helps schools create wildlife habitats where students can study nature. “We’re especially focusing on teaching kids about the roles pollinators play in our lives,” says SCWF Director of Education Sara Green. “What youngsters learn today will help build the next generation of South Carolina conservationists.”