Autumn Botany at Sesqui

THANK YOU to Dr. John Nelson for leading our "Autumn Botany at Sesqui" class over the weekend and special thanks also to Sesquicentennial State Park for hosting us! Check out our Flickr album for this class HERE.

Here's a review from one of the class participants:

"I have rarely enjoyed a class more than the one—too short and would love to see a follow up—with Dr. John Nelson.  I have had too many classes to count on the structure and parts of a flower.  I’ve labeled diagrams, memorized, and correctly identified them on tests over the years.  But NEVER had I understood like I did with Dr. Nelson’s skilled teaching.  A hand lens.  An actual flower.  Why should that have been so novel?  Seems like pure logic in retrospect, and I’m ashamed I didn’t think to look more closely myself.  But I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been in that particular class.  Every Master Gardner and Master Naturalist would have benefited,  so I hope you’ll schedule it again.  Not just benefited, but have been enthralled, as I was."  -Susan Coleman Fedor

This class was offered as part of SCWF's Palmetto Outdoor Academy which strives to introduce people of all ages to flora & fauna of South Carolina and outdoor recreation opportunities. To be notified about other upcoming classes & events, join our mailing list HERE!