South Carolina Wildlife Federation

SCWF advocates the preservation and re-creation of wildlife habitat throughout the Palmetto State. 

Backyard Wildlife Habitat™Schoolyard Habitat® and Community Wildlife Habitat®
Green spaces throughout the community can become Certified Wildlife Habitats™ by providing food, water, cover, and places to raise young for wildlife.  South Carolina has more certified sites per capita than any other state. 

Wildlife And Industry Together (W.A.I.T.™)
This initiative woks with corporate landowners to integrate wildlife habitat into land management decisions. 

For more information about the SCWF Habitat programs, please contact Laura Blake-Orr, SCWF Wildlife Habitat Manager.

SCWF engages people of all ages in learning about the flora and fauna of South Carolina and enjoying the outdoors.   

Naturalist Training
These classes train volunteers in the fundamentals of natural history, nature interpretation, and conservation in order to empower them to donate their time to positively impact our natural resources.  

Midlands Master Naturalist Course - In this 12-week course based in the Midlands, students learn identification skills, ecological concepts, and natural history of the plants, animals, and ecosystems encountered.  Students will see how this knowledge can be applied to manage for wildlife and to ensure that human impacts on our Earth are sustainable.

One-Day Naturalist Trainings:

  • Day of the Dragon
  • Flytrap Frenzy
  • Foray at Forty Acre Rock
  • Sandhills Natural History
  • Spring Wildflower Walk

Palmetto Pro Birders
Expert instructors lead several weekend classes every year training citizens in conversation and identification of bird-life. These citizen science efforts lead to data gathering for future conservation efforts. 

Women’s Outdoor Retreat
During this three-day event, women have the opportunity to learn outdoor skills in a comfortable, non-competitive setting.  Archery, kayaking, basket-weaving, and fishing are just a few of the more than thirty classes available during the Retreat.   

Junior Naturalist
This program teaches children about nature and the importance of conservation. Through fun, hands-on learning, children begin to appreciate nature, understand basic ecological concepts, become aware of their impact on the environment, and take action in their community.

For more information about the Palmetto Outdoor Academy, or any of these individual programs, please contact Sara Green, SCWF Director of Education .