For the last 85 years, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation (SCWF) has served as the voice for outdoors enthusiasts of every stripe. Representing hunter and birdwatcher, teacher and backpacker, boater and farmer, gardener and angler, SCWF builds partnerships to ensure everyone can enjoy South Carolina’s natural heritage and recreation opportunities for generations to come.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the broad coastal marshes, South Carolina is blessed with an incredible diversity of natural resources that are both beautiful and accessible. 


Drawing strength from committed donors, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation is active in promoting sound stewardship of our natural treasures. Through educational and public awareness programs along with unique partnerships, the Federation works to establish policies that sustain, protect and enhance the natural systems which give life to us all.


The conservation and education programs at SCWF focus on protecting habitat for wildlife across the Palmetto State, from the mountains to the sea:

  • As the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, SCWF participates in the Gardening for Wildlife program and provides assistance to gardeners who desire to attract wildlife to backyards, parks, churches, libraries, schools, businesses, and other places throughout the community.  
  • SCWF has also developed the Wildlife And Industry Together (WAIT) program, which recognizes industries managing their land for wildlife.
  • Through a cost-share program, SCWF assists private landowners working to convert lands back to their native Longleaf Pine ecosystems. These efforts are re-establishing habitat for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, as well as important habitat for deer, turkey, and quail.
  • SCWF works with legislators to protect precious wildlife habitat and ensure that sound scientific data is used to make decisions which affect wildlife.

SCWF provides opportunities for people of all ages to connect with nature and nurture a desire to protect our valuable natural resources.

  • The Junior Naturalist programs teach children to appreciate nature, understand basic ecological concepts, become aware of their impact on the environment, and take action in their communities.
  • SCWF trains volunteers to identify flora and fauna through the SC Master Naturalist Program and the Palmetto Pro Birder program.  These volunteers are equipped with the skills needed to participate in citizen science projects and gather critical scientific data.
  • The annual Women’s Outdoor Retreat provides an opportunity for more than 200 women from around the Southeast to learn outdoor skills such as kayaking, archery, fishing, and birding in a non-competitive environment.

Tax-deductible donations to the SCWF are an investment in the quality of South Carolina's future. Clubs are encouraged to affiliate and become a part of the Federation's grassroots conservation efforts. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit citizens' conservation organization governed by an elected board of directors and affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation, the SCWF receives its support directly from donors.  Funds raised are used to benefit South Carolina's wildlife and wildlife habitat.

South Carolina Wildlife Federation